“Linda is an excellent coach and gives time and patience to all who need her.  She is a genuine human being who really cares for others, and I always feel spending time with Linda gives you a wholeness that sometimes is hard to put into words”.  (R, Felixstowe)

''For someone I had never met previously, Linda brought out some accurate feelings and emotions from my past that needed to be addressed for me to be able to move on.  A very rewarding, calming and enlightening experience.''   (G, Filby).

"If I had to pinpoint my favourite treatment, it would be the Crystal healing therapy, as it calms and relaxes and I love the sound of the crystal bowls!" (S, Halesworth)

“I did not know my life could be changed so much with the healing and enlightenment that Linda brings with such a positive energy.  To say that my outlook and bearing has so much more purpose and fulfilment now would be an understatement. The healing and well being continues and I am having a much better life”.  (S, North Suffolk)

"Linda is a natural healer who genuinely cares for people and has helped me on both a physical and psychological level." (J, Lowestoft)

“Linda is a caring person who is good at listening and has a lot of life experience to offer her clients”.  (G, Lowestoft)

"I was amazed when I first tried the EIP, how could it be so accurate when I only had to say a few numbers?"  (M, Norwich)

“I have always found Linda to be a good listener.  She is someone you can easily open up to and you know you will get the support you are really looking for.  You can go back to her time and time again and you know she would always be there to listen and support you on your journey.”  (C, Beccles) 

"Linda has a gift for getting to the practical and emotional heart of any problem.  A session with Linda gives clarity, emotional healing and a way forward.  This is more than simple coaching.  Linda's techniques, empathy and insight will leave you empowered, enlightened and more able to deal with any future issues or problems."  (M, Thetford)

“Although I was apprehensive about what to expect of my first session, I was instantly at ease with Linda.  She enabled me to pinpoint the emotional issues I have been struggling with for years and to release them.  I feel free from my past and able to move on with my future and will definitely continue having treatments!”  (T, Poringland)


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