What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal HealingCrystal Therapy has been used for many thousands of years, using natural minerals and stones.  It balances the energy system, promoting good health and general wellbeing.

Crystal Therapy works by balancing the chakras and our energy field.  When we have an imbalance in either of these, the physical body becomes depleted and falls into a state of disease and disharmony. 

Each individual crystal has its own energy field and properties, vibrating at a certain frequency.  By placing these in a person’s energy field, we can realign their own energy system and create balance, which then promotes a state of health and well being.  Crystal therapy is an excellent treatment for any type of disharmony in one’s life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Even if you are physically well, crystal therapy is an excellent treatment for maintaining balance.

How long does it take?
A treatment takes 45-60 minutes, although the first session may sometimes take a little longer. 


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