Ascended Master Kuthumi's Light Mantra

This is one of my favourite mantras - repeating this mantra brings forth the Light to fill our cup of joy to overflowing as the use of "I AM" is a powerful invocation...


I AM light, glowing light,

Radiating light, intensified light.

God consumes my darkness,

Transmuting it into light.


This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun.

Flowing through me is a crystal river,

A living fountain of light

That can never be qualified

By human thought and feeling.

I AM an outpost of the divine.

Such darkness as has used me is swallowed up

By the mighty river of light which I AM.


I AM, I AM, I AM light;

I live, I live, I live in light.

I AM light's fullest dimension;

I AM light's purest intention.

I AM light, light, light

Flooding the world everywhere I move,

Blessing, strengthening, and conveying

The purpose of the kingdom of heaven.



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