Wesak: Festival of Light

Tomorrow is Wesak, the Festival of Light, one of three main spiritual festivals celebrated at Full Moon (the others being Easter (06 April 2012) and Christ's Festival/World Invocation Day (04 June 2012)).

Tomorrow's Full Moon (Wesak) is at 03.35am GMT and is an ideal opportunity to utilise the powerful energies coming onto the planet in meditation for personal growth and the evolution of humanity.  These Festivals are celebrated with the rhythm of the full moon is as it marks the time each month when the impact of the divine energies of Light, Love and Power are at their peak and can be registered by a group energy and radiated into human consciousness.

Spiritual energies are at a peak during the full moon, because at that time the moon is out of the way of the sun. The moon itself has no light (it can only reflect light) whereas the sun is a star and it is also reflecting the light of the Spiritual Sun–that disk of golden light that is the highest spiritual light.  Most times, our moon stands between the light of the sun, stars and constellations, and us, shielding the earth from their light.  During the time of the full moon, when the moon is completely out of the way of the Sun, we can receive energy directly from the Spiritual Sun, and from the stars and constellations that radiate very high spiritual energy.  The full moon is the mark of the time of highest spiritual energies available.

During this special time of Wesak, it is as if a door is suddenly opened wide, which at other times is more closed. Through this door, it is possible to contact energies which are otherwise not easily available.  Great expansions of consciousness become possible which are not possible at other times.

People, such as yourself, who are on a spiritual path, can find great aid and spiritual stimulation at this time to take great steps forward.   It is said that Buddha descends from His high place during the full moon in the month of April to bestow spiritual blessings on the world.  He joins with the World Teacher of Love, and together they transmit two spiritual streams of energy - Divine Love and Divine Light.  Buddha's task in returning for this brief time of the Wesak Festival is to remind us of the possibility of illumination, keeping a channel open for light to illuminate the minds of humanity.

At this time of Wesak, contact can be made with greater Lives, called the "Great Ones," (Beings of Light) who are to the Ascended Masters what the Masters are to humanity.  Part of the purpose of Buddha's appearance is to embody the force which can stimulate people everywhere to come together as a group, with a focused intent, and thus reach symbolically "the ear and the heart" of the Great Ones.

A mobilizing of the Forces of Light is going on upon the inner planes. These Forces stand ready to help humanity, but the word for action must come from the World Teacher of Love, who will give that word when humanity gives it to Him.  We are the determiners of our own destiny.  Neither the World Teacher of Love, or any of the masters may at this stage in human evolution take any step affecting humanity unless called to this activity by humanity itself.  This can only happen when enough people come together, with a collective intent to work for the good of humanity, send out a powerful, focused call to evoke the help of the Great Ones.

The participation and the light of each and every one of you is greatly needed at this time when the door is more open to call upon help from the Great Ones.  You can make a difference in helping to transform the ancient energies that are creating the crisis of separative, unevolved thinking.

You can contribute your light to the power of the group light that will call forth the help from the Great Ones, help that can dissipate with light and love the darkness of the energies of hatred, ignorance, and greed.  Humanity can stand in the light of illumination, functioning as loving souls, working for the good of the whole and  joining in the oneness of all life.  We have the power to bring this about by our group work and inner connections.

As we link together in meditation as souls, join with the Masters and Enlightened Ones, and evoke the help of the Great Ones, we can make a difference.  We can send out a strong enough, united group call that will cause the Great Ones to release the energies that are needed to bring to earth phenomenal events that in due and proper time that will transform current world situations.

Together we can strengthen the power of light and work with the Masters and Great Ones to bring more love, unity, tolerance, inclusiveness, and illumination into ourselves, and into humanity.


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