The Dragonfly

The DragonflyThe Serenity logo features a dragonfly.  I chose this because the dragonfly symbolises metamorphosis and the power of light, and represents so much of what I believe in and do, in supporting people on their own journey.  The dragonfly reminds us that the light shines brightly within each and every one of us.

Dragonflies are creatures of transformation – they begin their life as an aquatic animal (a nymph), and as they mature, they go through metamorphosis and become a creature of the air and skies.  The balance of the air and water in the life of the dragonfly represents the emotional and mental in equal balance.

The dragonfly has an amazing ability to adapt to the elements with its dazzling aerial feats, changing direction in an instant, twisting, turning, moving up or down, hovering – they can even fly backwards!  The dragonfly is symbolic of the winds of change, bringing messages of wisdom and enlightenment from the elemental world.

Dragonflies indicate that there is a need for some fresh air in your life – you may need to look at an emotional issue, gain a new perspective on something or make a change.

In animal medicine, the dragonfly facilitates letting go of the past, the first step in spiritual growth.  It can also help to pierce the veil of deception or delusion to help you identify something within your life that is hidden.  The dragonfly helps during transitions and transformations and counsels you to be honest with yourself.

Dragonflies remind us that we are all light, and can reflect this light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.  My role as an empowerment coach and practitioner, is to use my light to help others find theirs.

Life is always filled with light and colour, although it may not always appear that way.  The dragonfly brings the brightness of transformation and the wonder of colourful new vision, thus allowing your own light to shine forth.

(Reference Material: “Animal Wisdom” by Jessica Dawn Palmer and “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews)


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